iGuy for the iPod

iGuy for the iPod 1

“The first bendable, posable iPod “friend,” iGuy is also fully functional, featuring rubberized protection, docking capability and scratch-resistant screen for the iPod and iPod Photo.” [Via biz.yahoo.com]

iGuy for the iPod 2The White Gumby. Or, if the Pillsbury Dough Boy and Stay Puft had a kid.

It was bound to happen…

With all of the ipod casesminted methodshop out there, everything from ipod form fitting socksminted methodshop, to futuristic ipod jackets… now we get the ipod case that doubles as a Gumby-like scluptable rubber toy.

For $35, I think the iGuy is priced a little too high for its design. It doesn’t really resemble anything close to a “guy” to me. If anything, it looks like the offspring of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Manminted methodshop and the Pillsbury Dough Boyminted methodshop but not as much fun to play with.

Anybody have any suggestions for iPod cases that take on the look of other well known fictional creatures? Ipoditude mentions its similarity to Stretch Armstrong

How about the iSwampThing?