The $50 iBook Sale

minted methodshop
“Henrico County Public Schools have announced that its used Apple iBooks it has been using in a four-year laptop program will be sold off in a one-day sale, Tuesday, August 9.” [Via]

Get an iBookminted methodshop for the price of a video game.

Henrico County, in Virginia, has decided to go with Dell computers for a new computer contract for their high school students. Dell offered $4 million dollars less than Apple. Henrico County has a surplus of iBooksminted methodshop (none older than 4 years) which they plan on auctioning off on August 9th, 2005. If you are anywhere near the Virginia area, you can take advantage of this…From 9am – 3pm, the warehouse will be auctioning off iBooksminted methodshop for 50 dollars a piece…First come, first serve…

The address is:

361 Dabbs House Road
Richmond, VA