This is a ridiculously absurd pie cooked using some leftover Peeps from Easter. Peeps Pie is a fun dish that your family will never forget. Like lobsters, the Peeps were placed into a saucepan and murdered. What did it taste like? PEEPS heaven. Yum! Here’s how to make your very own Peeps Pie.

Step 1: The Chocolate Base

Add a layer of chocolate pudding to the bottom of a pie shell. Let it cool for at least an hour.

minted methodshop

Step 2: Melt The Peeps

Melt the Peeps. Place the Peeps into a saucepan and murder them. Then feel bad for every lobster you’ve ever eaten.

minted methodshop

minted methodshop

Step 3: Feel Sad For The Melted Peeps

The Peeps’ cries for help are slowly melted away.

minted methodshop

Step 4: More Chocolate!

Add cream and chocolate chips. Then let the pie cool again.

minted methodshop

Step 5: The Toppings

A grassy knoll is made out of some shredded coconut with green food coloring. Add a crumbled Heath Milk Chocolate English Toffee Bar to make it even more ridiculous. Finally, add some non-melted Peeps to stand above the grave of their brothers and sisters.

minted methodshop

Peeps Pie

Step 6: Eat Your Peeps Pie

Eat it… if you dare. Grab a fork and dig into your Peeps Pie. Just expect a sugar coma and instant cavities.

Via Image Comics