Couric needs some urgency

Couric needs some urgency 1You know, and I know, and the guy who may be sitting next to you on the 6:24 out of Ronkonkoma knows, that TV is a hard game. It’s a tough slog down a long, dark hallway with a lot of unmarked doors, any of which may lead to success or failure.

But most of us can usually figure out what’s working and what isn’t, and most of us now know which category Katie Couric’s turn at the “CBS Evening News” falls into.

It isn’t working.

No reason to bore you with numbers, but “Evening News” has fallen to third place for three weeks (last week’s figures were not available at deadline). Despite the blarney CBS would have you believe – that the program is ahead in viewers versus this point a year ago so everything’s just ducky – this clearly is not where the network expected to be.