Avoiding Ads With TiVo? TiVo Strikes Back

The holy grail on Madison Avenue these days is to create advertising that is “TiVo-proof” — compelling enough to owners of digital video recorders that they will watch the commercials rather than zip past them when replaying recorded programs.

But how do you make a TiVo-proof commercial for TiVo? Executives at TiVo hope the answer is to hire an agency known for broad humor, talking animals and chirpy jingles, then approve a campaign centered on a silly (though eye-catching) visual device, meant to symbolize how much TiVo differs from generic DVRs.

The campaign, now under way, carries the theme “My TiVo gets me.” The effort, created by the Kaplan Thaler Group in New York, includes commercials on television and radio and in movie theaters, a pair of Web sites at whogetsme.com and mytivogetsme.com, contests, blog postings and promotional events in large markets like Boston, New York and San Francisco.

The device at the heart of the campaign is to bring to life the antenna atop the head of the “TiVo man,” the character shaped like a TV set that has personified the brand. The ads feature TiVo customers who sport antennas on their heads, which — thanks to the Stan Winston visual effects studio — seem as much a part of them as the remote controls they use to navigate the entertainment superhighway.

Avoiding Ads With TiVo? TiVo Strikes Back 1

[Via NY Times]