WMG Builds Ad-Supported Music Video Site

WMG Builds Ad-Supported Music Video Site 1A few weeks ago, Warner Music Group said it was shifting its resources to focus more on digital distribution. The latest move: creating an ad-supported online music video archive. The site, which also will offer pay-per-download, will allow other websites to embed Warner video programming and includes other social net features, such as video sharing. Down the road, WMG sees subscription-based and mobile platforms for its video channel as well. WMG, whose roster of artists include Madonna, REM, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Linkin Park, will work with U.K.-based digital services provider Premium TV to create “digital hubs” that will be organized by artist, genre or label. Premium TV will help build each of the sites as well as the archive’s search system. Release (Via Bloomberg)

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