The Christmas Story Leg Lamp: Is Your Home Ready For This Ultimate Holiday Decoration?

Bring home one of the most beloved American movie icons for the Holidays.

Leg Lamp

How can you not love the classic 1983 holiday film, A Christmas Story? It has plenty of memorable scenes like the Christmas duck in the Chinese restaurant, Ralphie’s “Black Bart” daydreams, the frozen tongue on the schoolyard flag pole and of course the infamous Leg Lamp! If you always wished that you could really buy a Christmas Story Leg Lamp, then smile because your dreams just came true! Full disclosure: I own several leg lamps and have given several of them as gifts over the years.

The leg lamp comes in a variety of sizes and models. Here’s information on all of them.


Full-Size Leg Lamp

The standard Leg Lamp as seen in the film is about 50″ inches tall. That’s pretty big. It’s about 7″ inches taller than most doorknobs. This is the full size leg lamp version. It makes a big and bold statement for your home, workplace or retail store.

My friend had been saying for years, in jest, how he’d love to have the Leg Lamp to place in his front window. And his wife had sworn that it would never happen. Too bad. They got a full-size leg lamp for Christmas!

The Christmas Story Leg Lamp: Is Your Home Ready For This Ultimate Holiday Decoration? 1

Mini Movie Review: Ralphie, a young boy growing up in the 1940s, dreams of owning a Red Rider BB gun. He sets out to convince the world this is the perfect gift. But along the way, he runs into opposition from his parents, his teacher, and even good ‘ol Santa Claus himself.

Leg Lamp: 20″ Half-Size Version

If you want something a little more manageable, then a half-scale 20″ Christmas Story leg lamp replica might be right for you. Also, the smaller scale will be more apt to blend in with the average living room. It certainly does with mine, never failing to draw smiling comments when a new guest first sees it. These smaller models make great holiday decorations and will make your guests laugh.

What I really want is to bring a leg lamp to work. It would look great in my office window. I wonder how long it would take for HR to give me a call.

Leg Lamp: Miniature Versions

Don’t have space for a large lamp but still want to get a little leg lamp in your life? Miniature leg lamps variations are available as nightlights, Christmas tree lights and more. They also make great gag gifts.

The Leg Lamp Nightlight ($14) is subtle and can bring your household laughs all year. I put one in my guest room. The next morning I always get a funny comment from my visitors. It’s a fun accent for any room, and is exceptionally detailed, right down to the miniature black fringe. Measures 8″ tall.

Leg Lamp: Nightlight

The Leg Lamp Christmas Tree Lights ($20) are a lot of fun. As miniature versions of these lamps illuminate your tree, they will bring joy to your heart and the soft glow of electric sex to your home. Each strand only includes 10, so buy several if you plan on covering a large mantle or tree.

Leg Lamp: Christmas Tree Lights

Remember The Christmas Story Leg Lamp Is Fra-gee-lay

Depending on which leg lamp you buy, the outside of the box is stamped “Fragile” so you too can become “The Old Man” for a nostalgic moment when the Leg Lamp arrives at your door.

Regardless of the size of your Leg Lamp, it’s sure to draw smiling comments from friends and family. The Leg Lamp makes a great gift. It’s fun, affordable (at least the smaller versions are), and adds a touch of class and fun to any room.

Around the holidays you can usually find the Christmas Story leg lamp in department stores. But the easiest way to buy the leg lamp is online.

NERD NOTE: The piece of music that plays after Ralphie says “fudge” when the Leg Lamp breaks for the second time, is the opening of “Hamlet” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

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