Newsroom Coffee And Sugar Habits At NBC News

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How do the corespondents of NBC News stay alert and up all night when covering the U.S. Presidential primaries? Adrenaline? The thrill of being on live TV? Nope. They get all drugged up on caffeine, sugar and energy gels. Newsroom coffee is especially popular.

The Over-Caffeinated Newsroom At NBC News

Ann Curry Drinks A Lot Of Coffee At NBC News
Ann Curry from the TODAY Show drinks 12 shots of Starbucks espressos every day.

Here’s a video that documents the talent of NBC News and their substance of choice.

  • Brian Williams (NBC Nightly News): Power Bars and gels
  • Ann Curry (Today Show): 12 shots of Starbucks espresso
  • Tim Russert (Meet The Press): Diet Coke & licorice
  • Mara Schiavocampo (NBC News): Gallons of Red Bull

Ann Curry Loves Coffee!

This isn’t the first time that Ann Curry has shown her love for coffee on camera. I’m not exactly sure who at NBC News is in charge of scraping an over-caffeinated Ann Curry off the ceiling. Probably some poor intern.

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