Kevin Rose says New iPods Coming Soon

minted methodshop

minted methodshopIs founder and Diggnation star Kevin Rose abusing his Apple contacts? This past weekend Rose blogged about some new stuff being released by Apple next month including new iPods and an iTunes update.

According to Kevin, Apple will announce the following within the next few weeks:

  • the iPod nano will take on a slimmer, more rounded look
  • the iPod Touch will get an update with a new 2.1 operating system
  • Prices of the iPod line will drop to differentiate the product from the iPhone
  • iTunes 8.0 will be a major new release with several additional features
  • Further out Apple is planning to add Blu-ray support to Mac OS X

Why would Rose risk exposing his Apple contacts by announcing this information? And why now? Rose mentions his Twitter account multiple times in his blog post and urges people to “follow” him on Twitter to get more information. Perhaps Rose is bitter that Barack Obama took the top slot away from him on Twitter earlier this month.