Are the shows with the biggest Nielsen ratings also the most talked about on social media? Not according to a new SocialSenseTV report that measures social media activity about TV shows.

LOST - Twitter

The study, which was posted before the LOST series finale, shows that more than half of Nielsen’s top 20 rated shows didn’t make SocialSenseTV‘s list. This data really demonstrates how lower-rated shows can often have very active and avid fan bases.

Here is the SocialSenseTV top 20 shows talked about by social media users:

RankShowSocial indexNielsen rank
2American Idol126.51
4The Simpsons55.944
5Heroes55.1below 50
6Dancing with the Stars51.43
8CSI: Miami48.524
9SNL47.6below 50
1030 Rock45.435
11Cold Case41below 50
12Family Guy40.540
13The Office39.525
15NCIS: LA37.918
16So You Think…35.2below 50
17Chuck34.9below 50
20How I Met Your Mother32.2below 50

What do you think? Is Nielsen full of crap? What shows do you watch?