Sad Keanu Reeves Meme – Now With Helmet [pic]

sad keanu reeves with helmet

Why the long face Keanu? Shown here drinking his vegetables and protecting himself against impromptu head injures, this photo of the still-ravishing Keanu Reeves is practically begging to be Photoshopped… and it was.

Thousands of Adobe Photoshop artists have found inspiration is this image and are posting parodies all over the Internets. What is it about this image anyway that makes it so captivating? The vegetable juice? The helmet? The sad face? Maybe it’s all 3 together. Whatever it was, it stuck on the Internet like gum on a shoe and became a meme.

Presenting, the Sad Keanu Meme. Enjoy the clever Photoshopping below:

Sad Keanu Reeves Meme - Drink Helmet
Juice Helmet

Sad Keanu Reeves Meme - Star Wars
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Crew

Sad Keanu Reaves Meme - Star Wars X-Wing
Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Pilot

Don’t you want to know what’s got Keanu Reeves so sad? Don’t you just want to sketch in some context? So what if this photo was taken back in 2005. It only shows long-standing commitment to entertaining bored graphic designers of the future. We wonder if the Oracle, from The Matrix, told him that this day would come?

The funny thing is, this whole Meme thing happened to Keanu before. In case you missed it, here’s the original Sad Keanu eating a sandwich and thinking sad, sad thoughts. Google “Keanu Sad Sandwich” to find those picts.

sadkeanu has a glorious gallery of Sad Keanu with Helmet images suggesting the depths of Keanu’s melancholy. View them, reap inspiration, then, for the love of god, make your own. Or print one out for your desk. Here’s a template from F**k Yeah Albuquerque. We simply must get to the bottom of what’s bumming Neo out. If you know, then please tell us in the comments below

Sad Keanu Reaves Meme - Cutout

Sad Helmet Keanu photo courtesy of Mashable. Other photos courtesy of Urlesque.

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