Funny TODAY Show Internet Confusion Clip From 1994 Goes Viral

Remember the first time you learned about the Internet? Hopefully, it didn’t take place while you were on live TV. This vintage 1994 clip of the TODAY Show exposes former TODAY Show hosts Katie Couric, Bryant Gumble, and Elizabeth Vargas talking about this new “Internet” thing and a weird “@” symbol. They even debate whether or not the “@” stands for “about” or “at”?

TODAY Show: What Is The Internet Anyway?

I’m not sure if this clip was shown live on the air or during a brief break known as a “co-op” that only a handful of satellite subscribers got to see every day.

Even The Graphics Department Got It Wrong

Even the graphics department got the Internet wrong. At around the 0:40 second mark in the video, a graphic showing an email address just has a circle with an (a) inside. Oops!

TODAY Show Internet Confusion
The NBC graphics department didn’t understand how to display an email address and used a circle with an “a” instead of a “@” symbol.

TODAY Show Internet Confusion Clip Goes Viral

This clip has generated almost 1M views on YouTube and was even talked about on the TODAY Show this morning. What a fascinating, and funny look at the beginning of an upcoming revolution.

NBC News Is Embarred By This Clip

NBC’s hasn’t been too happy about all the attention that this TODAY Show Internet confusion clip has been getting. They’ve taken it off YouTube multiple times already. If this clip goes down again, please let us know.

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