Will the T-Mobile Girl Have to Take Off Her Cute Pink Dress?

We’ve been seeing this “losing Your Shirt” commercial a lot lately. T-Mobile asks iPhone why it’s shirtless. The answer: Had to give it to AT&T for it’s data plan. Ironically, AT&T announced the intent to purchase T-Mobile a couple weeks ago. Barring FCC approval, the acquisition should be done by the end of the year. That would give AT&T the 4G network they need. Then again, they could adopt the customer service that T-Mobile is famous for. You never know.

So if T-Mobile becomes part of AT&T within the next few months, then what does that mean for this young lady in the cute pink dress representing T-Mobile in the YouTube clip above?

I was more surprised that T-Mobile got away with the commercial. This is a blatant rip-off to the Mac vs PC commercials. I would guess someone would have slapped a lawsuit on the campaign. Especially since it was an Apple commercial.

So bust out Adobe Photoshop and re-do this screengrab below. I don’t think there will be any “monopolistic” issue, since Verizon and Sprint are viable competition.


More importantly, what are your thoughts on this? Out of the 3 people pictured above, who would you want to lose their shirt? Feel free to Twitter me @geekazine
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