methodshopSorry, Google Android, Apple’s iOS remains the platform of choice for app developers. According to a new Appcelerator/IDC survey querying more than 2,700 developers, 91% of developers said they are ‘very interested’ in iPhone development and 86% very interested in developing for the hot-selling iPad. In comparison, interest in Google‘s Android phones fell two points to 85%. And Android tablets fell three points to 71% after increasing twelve points during Q1.

Why Many App Developers Don’t Like Android

Why the decrease with Android? Two reasons: fragmentation of devices and weak demand. Developers complain about the fragmentation of Droid devices. When they build apps for Droid, they have to test and worry about the compatibility of their app on sometimes hundreds of different hardware devices. Apple only has 4 different versions of the iPhone and 2 of the iPad. The other reason is demand. Weak demand for Andriod tablets and Andriod app stores mean less opportunity for the ROI of developer’s apps.

  • While 71% of developers are very interested in Android as a tablet OS, only 52% are very interested in one of the leading Android tablet devices today – the Samsung Galaxy Tab. That number drops to 44% for the Motorola Xoom and 31% for the upcoming HTC Flyer
  • Microsoft fell seven points, with only 29% of developers saying they are ‘very interested’ in the Windows Phone 7, while BlackBerry phones dropped eleven points to 27%
  • #3 player Microsoft’s biggest problem with developers may simply be available time, as 46% of respondents indicated, “I have my hands full with iOS and/or Android.”

What about you? What’s your mobile platform of choice? iPhone, Android, Windows or BlackBerry? Leave a comment below.

Sorry Android, Developers Love Apple's iOS