Hologram or Projection – Virtual Booth Girl at Interop

While I was at Interop in Las Vegas this week, I stopped at the Transition Networks booth. The company had a virtual host – someone who didn’t have to take a break or have to sneeze. She just pushed out her spiel and when done, started all over again. If you thought this was a Hologram, then look again at this video. It’s a projection.

The company had a piece of plexi etched out to the host’s body shape. The projector illuminates the plexi to show the virtual host. She stands perfectly still as she recites the script. She always keeps her arms to her stomach, but can move her hands.

What is really interesting is when you move, it looks like she is turning her head to look at you. Even in this video you can see that.

One thing to note – This is a good idea, but some people noted they could remember the display, but couldn’t tell you the name of the company that presented it. Something to think about when promoting your brand…