Remember Kramer from the 1990s NBC TV show Seinfeld? How would you like to slice him up for Thanksgiving dinner? Seriously, the Kramer Turkey GIF might be one of the creepiest GIFs ever made.

The Kramer Turkey GIF

Cannibalism aside, we hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Infamous Kramer Turkey Seinfeld Scene

Here’s the infamous Kramer turkey Seinfeld clip in case you’ve never seen it before. In the scene, Newman is in a diner freaking out about Kramer and butter. Then all of a sudden, the waitress brings a full turkey on a platter out to the counter. Newman starts hallucinating and sees Kramer’s head on the turkey look at him and say “Hey buddy”. Newman immediately freaks out and runs out of the restaurant.

The Krammer turkey episode is titled “The Butter Shave” and is a major Seinfeld fan favorite.

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