Infographic: The Evolution of Cell Phone Chargers

Cellphone Charger Evolution

Can you remember life before the mobile phone? If you were born in the 1980s or later, then you probably can’t. If a far contrast to phones like the iPhone, that are so slim that they can bend in your pocket, early cell phones were giant oversized bricks. Definitely not pocket portable. But while so many people focus on the phone itself, the chargers were equally awkward. Over the years, cell phone chargers have evolved as much as the phones they charge. This infographic explores the evolution of cell phone chargers, from large black plastic bricks and mini chargers to solar and wearables.

The Evolution of Cell Phone Chargers

The Evolution of the Cell Phone Charger

Cell Phone Chargers Have Come A Long Way

It’s hard to believe that cell phone technology, evolved from the primitive two-way radio that was used in taxis and police cars. The very first primitive cell phone was used in 1946 by the Swedish police department.

What Was Your First Cell Phone?

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