15 Hilarious Hide And Seek Fails That Will Make Parents Laugh

Hide & Seek Fails

The game “Hide-And-Go-Seek” has been entertaining both adults and kids for centuries. But mastering the concept of the game takes some kids longer than others. From the funny and cute to completely ridiculous, here are some of our favorite Hide And Seek fails. Enjoy!

01) Basketball Net

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Basketball Net

This picture makes me laugh every time. Just look how serious his face is.

Via shechive files

02) Bathroom Cabinet

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Bathroom Cabinet

Via e-radio

03) Floor Mat

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Floor Mat

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04) Kitchen Cabinet

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Kitchen Cabinet

So close. Just shut the door or take off the white socks.

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05) Tupperware Box

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Box

At least this kids’ feet were thinking out of the box.

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06) Curtain

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Drape

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07) Closet

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Cabinet

A closet is always a good choice… if you close the door.

Via Sad and Useless

08) Curtains

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Curtains

Looks like someone stole an already bad hiding spot.

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09) Stuffed Crocodile

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Stuffed Animal

When was the last time you saw a stuffed crocodile climbing up a wall?

Via They Call Me Mummy

10) Lamp Shade

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Lamp Shade

At least the light was off.

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11) Blinds

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Blinds

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12) Blanket

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Blanket

Next time lay down.

Via The Chive

13) Office Chair

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Chair

Via They Call Me Mummy

14) Tree

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Tree

Via Bored Panda

15) Couch Cushion

Hide-and-Go-Seek Fail: Couch Cushion

The telltale chubby feet giving away the perfect hiding spot.

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Funny Hide And Seek Fails

Do you have a better image of a hide and seek fail that we missed? If so, then please share it in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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