Parody Films

Everyone likes to laugh at the absurdities behind the things we love. Some people even slap a budget on the jokes and make an entire movie of them. These parody movies have us all rolling — if you haven’t seen them yet, get the popcorn ready! Here are some of the best parody films ever made.

1Murder By Death

A rainy night and a cup of tea are well accompanied by a good murder mystery. Murder by Death is a star-studded parody of the classic mystery film genre, playing off well-known tropes. The film focuses on five famous detectives who are invited to a dinner at a mysterious mansion. Their host declares that a murder will occur at midnight and challenges his guests to solve the crime in exchange for a prize. The film features all the twists and turns you would expect from your average murder mystery story — only these ones are played up for laughs.

2This Is Spinal Tap

This 1984 mockumentary focuses on the fictitious band Spinal Tap. The film hilariously satirizes the rock stars of the time as well as the documentaries that idolized them. Featuring heavily improvised dialogue, the film follows the misadventures of the moderately successful members of the titular band. This Is Spinal Tap was overlooked upon its release, but it has since amassed a cult following.

3The Naked Gun

The Naked Gun is a farcical series of films, comparable to The Pink Panther film series. The main character is Lieutenant Frank Drebin, whose squad must provide security for a visit from Queen Elizabeth II. Drebin soon becomes involved in a plot to prevent the Queen’s assassination. This film relies heavily on slapstick and sophomoric humor, but don’t let that deter you—this series tops lists for a good reason.

4Mystery Men

Superhero universes can seem like parodies themselves — take the Batman villain Condiment King, for example — but Mystery Men successfully puts its own spin on the genre. This film offers superheroes wielding lethal weapons such as waffle irons and forks and attempting to take on supervillain Casanova Frankenstein. Whether you love or hate superhero flicks, you’re sure to find this one worthy of a chuckle.

5Robin Hood: Men in Tights

This Mel Brooks flick is a musical parody of the beloved Robin Hood legend. Robin Hood: Men In Tights retells the story of our favorite vigilante with a cast led by The Princess Bride star Cary Elwes. The comedy is full of medieval costumery, witty jokes, and fourth-wall-breaking — all told through the magic of song and dance.


We could never forget America’s favorite parody film based on America’s favorite sci-fi franchise. Another Mel Brooks masterpiece, Spaceballs is a Star Wars spoof follows hero Lone Starr’s attempts to save Princess Vespa from the villain, Dark Helmet. Brooks’ clever nods to the original series and its reimagined characters have amused audiences since 1987.

NERD NOTE: Star Wars creator, George Lucas, loved Spaceballs so much that he wrote Mel Brooks a letter saying that he laughed so hard he thought he was going to hurt himself.

Your Favorite Parody Films

What are some of your favorite parody movies? Did we leave any of them out? If so, please share your favorite parody films and we’ll consider adding them to this article. We’ll also give you credit. Thanks!

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