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Apple News

How To Submit Your Blog To Apple News – Submit To Apple News Tutorial

This tutorial will walk bloggers and web publishers through the process of how to submit to Apple News. Here's how to get started.
Famous Works Of Art With Apple Airpods

10 Famous Works Of Art Photoshopped With Apple Airpods

The Article Group, a creative marketing agency, offered a fun design challenge to the Internet. The agency asked Twitter users to start Photoshopping Apple...
COLD: Susan Powell Podcast

COLD: New Podcast About Susan Powell Case Debuts at #1 on Apple Podcasts

A new Susan Powell podcast called COLD reveals new details into her mysterious disappearance and the murder-suicide of her husband and two sons.
Amazon Prime OTT

Apple TV Immediately Sells Out After Long Absence From Amazon.com (2017)

Good news for Amazon Prime users. Amazon is selling the Apple TV again.
Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Now Available on Apple TV

Great news for Amazon Prime subscribers who also own an Apple TV. Amazon's Prime Video service has finally been added to Apple TV.

Apple Delays HomePod Release to Early 2018

Bad news if you had the HomePod, Apple's new smart speaker on your Christmas list. It won't be ready in time for the holidays. Apple has delayed the release of the HomePod to early 2018.
Connected TV

Why Roku Is Beating Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Google Chromecast

Do you Roku? If you are a Connected TV household, then statistically you probably have a Roku set-top box. According to a July 2017 eMarketer report, 38.9 million people use a Roku device at least once per month, representing 23% of all Connected TV users.
Apple Computer

Apple Reduces iPod Line: RIP iPod Nano & iPod Shuffle (2005-2017)

Apple has yanked its iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano devices off of store shelves. The now-discontinued music players were the last iPod models not capable of running iOS.

STUDY: Apple Watch Gets Disappointing Consumer Approval Rating

The Apple Watch has been on the market for almost a full month now. So what do consumers think of it so far? According...

Apple vs Android Fight Drives Roommates to Stab Each Other

What mobile operating system do you use? Does it matter that much to you? Would you ever put your life at risk to fight...
Apple Money

Apple Sells 10M+ iPhone 6 Devices in First 3 Days

According to reports, Apple has sold more than 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices in just the first 3 days they were in stores.

Apple Uses Racy Pixies Song in New Ad Campaign

Apple launched their new marketing tagline, "You're more powerful than you think," with a commercial featuring a rendition of the extremely popular Pixies song,...
Apple Money

Apple’s Shipping Strategy = Little Things in Small Packages

We ordered some Apple Lightning cable adapters and were completely surprised by Apple's shipping strategy and how they were shipped.

Google Maps App Now Available in Apple App Store (2012)

Still holding out on upgrading to an iPhone 5 or iOS 6 because of the lack of the Google Maps app? Your wait is...
iPad Mini 1 Release Details

iPad Mini Release Officially Confirmed By Tim Cook At Apple Special Event (2012)

In probably the worst kept secret in tech, Apple CEO, Tim Cook announced the iPad Mini at a special event in San Jose, California...
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