Controversial Vibrating Harry Potter Broomstick Has Parents In An Uproar

Teenage girls everywhere are going wild for this broomstick, but for all the wrong reasons. You decide: broomstick or sex toy?

Harry Potter Sex - Teenage Girls Are Using The Vibrating Harry Potter Broomstick As A Sex Toy
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A vibrating Harry Potter broomstick has teenage girls everywhere going wild, but for all the wrong reasons. Is this an innocent broomstick or a Harry Potter sex toy? Read the reviews, then you decide.

Harry Potter Toys In NYC Sex Shops?

Mattel‘s first clue that something was wrong must have been when sex shops in New York City‘s Times Square started selling their vibrating Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 broomstick for $40 — double the online retail price.

Amazon Removes The Nimbus 2000 Listing

We discretely took a few photos of the Nimbus 2000 for sale in an “adult video” store on the northwest corner of 8th Ave and 42nd Street in New York City. Shortly after MethodShop sent Amazon the photos asking for a comment, they temporarily stopped selling the vibrating Harry Potter broomstick online. If you try to go to Amazon’s page for the Nimbus now (link), you will see that not only did they delete all of the controversial reviews, but Amazon no longer sells this controversial Harry Potter broomstick.

Where To Buy A Vibrating Harry Potter Broomstick

You still might be able to find the Nimbus Harry Potter broomstick on eBay or through a third party seller. But regardless of where you buy this thing, make sure you keep your teenage daughters away from it. Who knew Harry was such a stud?

Nimbus 2000 on
Vibrating Harry Potter broomstick for sale on Amazon

The reviews reprinted below were pulled off of Amazon’s page for the Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broomstick. Good thing we had the forethought to make a web archive of the original page before Amazon censored it. Enjoy!

Amazon Spotlight Reviews: Nimbus 2000 Harry Potter Broomstick

Amazon customers are urging parents to keep the vibrating Harry Potter toy broomstick away from their teenage daughters before it sends them into a wizarding world of ecstasy. Looks like the perverts from Mattel might need to conduct better product testing before going into production with another vibrating toy.

Parents Upset With Harry Potter Sex Toy
Is Harry Potter broomstick really just a secret sex toy?
Nimbus 2000 Broomstick Toy
Harry Potter broomstick toy
  • GREAT TOY!, June 11, 2002 – Reviewer: “My 12-year-old daughter is a big Harry Potter fan and loved the part with the Nimbus 2000, so I decided to buy her this toy. I was afraid she would think it was too babyish, but she LOVES this toy. Even my daughter’s friends enjoy playing with this fun toy. I was surprised at how long they can just sit in her room and play with this magic broomstick! A great buy for any Harry Potter fan!” Ashley from TX
  • Keep the batteries out!, December 26, 2001 – Reviewer: “A toy enthusiast from NJ; This toy was #1 on my daughter’s Christmas list. So what the heck, although it has no educational value I figured it would be good for imaginative play. It wasn’t until after she opened her gift and started playing with it that I realized that the toy may offer a more than sensational experience. The broomstick has cute sound effects and ***VIBRATES*** when they put it between their legs to fly. Come on! What were the creators of this Harry Potter broomstick “toy” thinking? She’ll keep playing with her Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 broom, but with the batteries removed.”
  • Excellent!, June 11, 2002 – Reviewer: “When my 12-year-old daughter asked for this for her birthday, I kind of wondered if she was too old for it, but she seems to LOVE it. Her friends love it too! They play for hours in her bedroom with this great toy. They really seem to like the special effects it offers (the sound effects and vibrating). My oldest daughter (17) really likes it too! I recommend this for all children.”
  • Harry Potter Toy, August 28, 2002 – Reviewer: “I recently bought this for my son. He’s a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Seen the movie 32 times (in the theaters) and even made the paper. This toy gives him the ability to fly around the house zapping things. The only problem I see with the toy is the batteries drain too fast and his sister fights him over it, so now I need to buy her one.” A toy enthusiast from Maine, USA
  • Harry Potter Toy, November 8, 2002 – Reviewer: “Suppression! What is wrong with little girls getting a little stimulated? Why send a dirty review to Amazon hoping to discourage them from selling this? Do you think little girls are not already playing and exploring with things down there? Maybe something like this will make them more comfortable and confident about their sexuality instead of embarrassed and fearful. I say every girl should have one! “
  • Perverts!, September 4, 2002 – Reviewer: “I was walking to work today through Times Square, and one of the Adult Sex shops was selling this “toy” for $40. I wasn’t sure exactly why, so I did a search on the internet and found a page on selling the item. Now that I know that this is a “VIBRATING” broomstick it makes more sense. The people who work at Mattel are such perverts.”
  • Kinky, Feb. 27, 2003 – MethodShop Reader: “As soon as I saw this Harry Potter sex toy on Amazon, it hit me to buy it before they were all gone. I got it a few days later and wasted no time in turning it into a vibrator toy for my g/f. Although the vibration isn’t that stimulating (for an 18y old at least), seeing a woman get herself off with a vibrating harry potter sex broom is kinky enough to turn any guy on. And with a little encouragement, it doesn’t take long for the woman to get off. All in all, it is the kinkiest sex toy I have seen anywhere.” Chris C.
Harry Potter Sex - Teenage Girls Love The Harry Potter Broomstick
PD Pictures, Kaz, Ryan_Stekken

NERD NOTE: J.K Rowling, author, and creator of the Harry Potter series has a real-life “rags to riches” life story. While living off of government benefits, she started writing the first Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. After being rejected by twelve different book publishers, she eventually was signed by Bloomsbury Publishing. Rowling went on to sell over 500 million books and the Harry Potter book series is now the best-selling book series in history. Rowling was named by Forbes as the world’s first billionaire author in 2014.

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