Nielsen to Track Commercials

Nielsen to Track Commercials 1Nielsen Media Research is expected to announce new details of its plans to create ratings for the TV commercials in shows, including those seen by viewers using digital video recorders.

In addition to releasing average commercial ratings data for “live” viewing, the ratings company is expected to distribute data showing live plus one day of DVR use, live plus two days of DVR use and live plus three days of DVR use. Network executives estimate that more than 80 percent of delayed viewing occurs in those first three days.

Advertisers would prefer commercial ratings because they would count the number of people who see their messages, as opposed to the current system which measures how many people watch the shows.

This season advertising time was bought on the basis of live program ratings after ad buyers refused to include time-shifted shows in their calculations. Since then, the networks have been determined to receive payment for commercials seen on a delayed basis.

In an earlier version of its commercial ratings plan, requested by the broadcast networks and some ad buyers, Nielsen planned to offer the same streams as it does for its program ratings: live plus same day and live plus seven days.