Ten Things Your IT Department Won’t Tell You

    Ten Things Your IT Department Won't Tell You 1Admit it: For many of us, our work computer is a home away from home.

    It seems only fair, since our home computer is typically an office away from the office. So in between typing up reports and poring over spreadsheets, we use our office PCs to keep up with our lives. We do birthday shopping, check out funny clips on YouTube and catch up with friends by email or instant message.

    And often it’s just easier to accomplish certain tasks using consumer technology than using the sometimes clunky office technology our company gives us — compare Gmail with a corporate email account.

    There’s only one problem with what we’re doing: Our employers sometimes don’t like it. Partly, they want us to work while we’re at work. And partly, they’re afraid that what we’re doing compromises the company’s computer network — putting the company at risk in a host of ways. So they’ve asked their information-technology departments to block us from bringing our home to work.

    End of story? Not so fast. To find out whether it’s possible to get around the IT departments, we asked Web experts for some advice. Specifically, we asked them to find the top 10 secrets our IT departments don’t want us to know. How to surf to blocked sites without leaving any traces, for instance, or carry on instant-message chats without having to download software.

    Here, then, are the 10 secrets your IT department doesn’t want you to know, the risks you’ll face if you use them — and tips about how to keep yourself (and your job) safe while you’re at it.

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