Macworld: iPhone 1.1.3 Update

It turns out that Andru Edwards from was right about the iPhone 1.1.3 update. Here’s a rundown of the new features that were announced at Macworld

New features include:

  • location data via cell tower triangulation (via Google) or WiFi triangulation (via Skyhook Wireless)
  • Webclips – ability to make sections of web pages into widgets
  • custom icon layouts for home screens (up to 9 total)
  • SMS multiple recipients
  • Chapters for video and subtitle/audio language options
  • Karaoke mode (Lyrics displayable)

All these new features are available today as a free software update for every iPhone.

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But what about iPod Touch owners? You can add Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes, Webclips and Weather… but it’s a $20 upgrade! Come on Steve Jobs. That wasn’t very nice.

You can watch the leaked iPhone 1.1.3 video here.




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