Looking for some fun gifts for the donut lovers in your life? These donut gifts ideas celebrate everyone’s fried dough treat and will make you wish they were all edible.

1Donut Pillows

These donut pillows ($5) are adorable and look deliciously realistic. Perfect for your sofa or bedroom. Definitely one of the more cute donut gifts on this list.

2Dunkin’ Donuts Trucker Hat

Go retro with this vintage style Dunkin’ Donuts trucker hat ($8.00). The high-quality logo on the front will not fade or peel.

3Donut USB Stick

This donut USB flash drive ($13) is a fun and unique way to store your files and documents.

4Donut Puzzle

When was the last time you worked on a jigsaw puzzle that was good enough to eat? These donut puzzles ($9+) feature a variety of bright and bold images that will make your mouth water.

5Donut Socks

Secretly show your love for donuts with your socks. Donut socks ($2-20) are a great conversation starter. Go wild and mix and match with bacon socks.

6Donut Lip Balm

Prevent chapped lips with donut lip balm ($8-12). These lip balms are available in a variety of great donut flavors including classics like glazed and pumpkin spice. Careful, people might start lining up for a kiss once they know about your tasty donut lips.

7Banksy’s “Strawberry Donut”

One of Banksy’s more humorous art pieces is an image of a donut truck with a police escort. Unlike some of his other controversial pieces, this one is just fun. Buying an original of the 2009 print will cost you a small fortune. But you can find reproductions of “Strawberry Donut” ($7-140) on everything from t-shirts to wall prints.

8Donut Cufflinks

Donut cufflinks ($3+) are one of the more classy donut themed gifts on this list. If you know someone with a lot of French cuff dress shirts, then donut cufflinks are sure to make them smile.

9Donut Coffee Mug

Coffee and donuts are perfect together. So why not take it to the next level with this donut coffee mug ($12).

10Donut Panties

Looking for some sexy donut related gifts? Donut panties ($7+) will show those lucky enough to see them your cute and playful side.

Fun Gifts For Donut Lovers

All of these donut gifts are fun are sure to be a hit with their recipients. If you have any favorite donut themed gifts, not already on this, just let us know in the comments. If we add your selection, we’ll give you credit.

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