From time to time, you may need to request an eBay shipping label refund. This could be from a variety of reasons from printer problems to an eBay buyer moved and forgot to update their address. Here’s a tutorial on how to request an eBay shipping label refund.

If you’re pretty savvy on eBay, just go to My eBay > Orders > Shipping Labels, then click on Void. Otherwise, read on for a step by step tutorial with screenshots and a more detailed walkthrough.

How To Refund eBay Shipping Label

Can you get a refund on an eBay shipping label? Yes. Requesting an eBay shipping label refund is actually very easy. However, finding where on eBay’s website to void a shipping label and request a refund is the hard part.

1Click On “My Bay”

2Click on “Orders”

3Click On “Shipping Labels”

4Void Your eBay Shipping Label