5 Pairs Of Funny Underwear For Men That Will Make Him Smile

Great Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

Looking for an unforgettable gift idea for that special man in your life? How about some funny underwear? Here are some outrageous examples of funny underwear for men that will make both of you crack a smile every time he opens his underwear drawer or pulls down his pants.

1Laser Cats Boxer Briefs

One of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits of all time is the Andy Samberg masterpiece called Laser Cats. In the skit, Samberg and director James Cameron (Terminator, Aliens, Avatar) pitch SNL boss Lorne Michaels and idea for a Sci-Fi movie called Laser Cats. The skit features adorable cats that shoot lasers from their eyes. Anyone who is a fan of that skit, or just cats, will love these laser cats boxers ($12-20).

2Nut Munchers Squirrel Boxers Funny Underwear

These ridiculous squirrel boxers ($25) are sure to make your partner smile and make them curious about your cozy tree nest. Because at the end of the day, we’re all just squirrels in this world, trying to get a nut, right?

3President Donald Trump Boxer Briefs

If you have a serious Trump fan in your life, then these Donald Trump boxers ($20-25) are sure to make their right-wing heart flutter with excitement. But if you’re single, and looking to gift these to yourself, then you might not want to wear them on a first date.

4Hot Dog Boxer Briefs

With these boxer briefs, you bring the Weiner, now you just need a bun. These hot dog boxers ($26) are called Coney Islands and feature a photo-realistic image of a hot dog complete with ketchup and mustard. Additional condom-ents are 100% recommended.

5Santa Boxers – Funny Christmas Underwear

These sexy Santa boxers ($10-15) feature a comfy wide elastic waistband with belt loop, bulge pouch, white plush trim, and soft and comfortable fabric. Great for a romantic Christmas Eve at home or for the night after your next Christmas holiday party. If you’re looking for a pair of funny Christmas underwear, then these are probably for you.

More Funny Underwear For Men Ideas?

Do you have any more great examples of funny underwear that we should add to this article? If so, please share them in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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