The Popular My Butt Hurts Meme Now Has A Full Line Of Merchandise

This “My Butt Hurts” chocolate Easter bunny scene has been duplicated countless times. One bunny is complaining about the bite out of its butt. But the other bunny can’t hear because its ears have been bitten off. If you think the My Butt Hurts meme is funny, you aren’t alone. You can find everything from mugs and tote bags to wine glasses online. There’s even a whole line of t-shirts and other apparel.

my butt hurts

My Butt Hurts Meme Merchandise

If you’re looking for some fun gift ideas for Easter, then there’s nothing funnier than these two chocolate bunnies. Here’s a great list of funny “My Butt Hurts Meme” themed gifts.

My Butt Hurts Meme Gifts

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