Jason Hirschhorn Talks Clip+Sling – Changing How Big Media Thinks

    Jason Hirschhorn Talks Clip+Sling - Changing How Big Media Thinks 1Back in November of 2006, Sling Media announced the formation of the Sling Entertainment Group, a new venture destined to create next-generation entertainment experiences for the Slingbox community and beyond. Jason Hirschhorn and Benjamin White, former employees of MTV Networks, were hired to spearhead the newly formed company.

    Not much was known about what Hirschhorn and company had been working on until the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With major television network CBS at their side, Sling Media shocked the media world with their announcment of Clip+Sling, a new feature allowing Slingbox users to clip short segments their favorite television content and share it with the world via the Internet.

    In a friendly telephone interview, Jason Hirschhorn was kind enough to spend a lot of time speaking with me about Clip+Sling, his background, and what he’s doing to convince big media to change their thinking about how we watch and share our media experience.

    Matt Whitlock: Can you tell us a little about yourself, and where you’re from?

    Jason Hirschhorn: Sure. My background is that I was one of those digital media kids back in the bedroom building stuff in the early 90s. I really fell in love with the internet, and started building artist websites as an intern for Warner Bros. Records, and building cool aggregation sites that I just liked for myself.

    Little by little I started to build up a network of sites under a company called Mischief New Media that I ran, and a lot of different content aggregation sites around entertainment, whether it be news, or one of my favorites was Rock On TV, which was a music television listing service. I sold a bunch of those sites to MTV Networks around March of 2000, joined their company, and went to run one of the oldest and most successful music brands on the net at that time, which was called Sonic Net, and then little by little over the years built up the MTV Networks digital media division as kind of like the lone digital guy trying to take the company into the future.

    My claim to fame was when we really brought them into the mobile wireless space putting broadband video through projects like MTV Overdrive, Comedy Central Motherload, VH1 G-Spot, and a host of twenty/thirty broadband that MTV had. So largely an entrepreneur, and at my first job at 28, when I went to go work for MTV Networks, and then left MTV Networks last year having been this Chief Digital Officer of the company running all of these digital operations and strategies.

    Jason Hirschhorn Talks Clip+Sling - Changing How Big Media Thinks 2

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