Shannon Walkley lost her cat, Missy. The cat snuck out after she accidentally left her screen door open. Shannon turned to Photoshop expert David Thorne to help her design a missing cat poster. A decision she most likely regrets.

He replied with this movie-style poster called Missing Missy. Obviously not what Shannon had in mind.

Missing Missy: Movie Poster

Subsequent replies included more movie posters and posters with the wrong cat’s photo.

Missing Missy: Wrong Cat Photo

And even non-existent rewards.

Missing Missy: Reward

They finally compromised on a reward poster featuring Missy wearing a ridiculous red hat. Hilarious and stylish, but not exactly what Shannon wanted.

Missing Missy: Hat

You can read Shannon and David’s full email exchange here on David’s website. Although I feel heaps of sympathy for this poor lady and her missing cat companion, I will go out on a limb and award him the unofficial MethodShop honor for ‘Best Photoshopper Ever’.

Who Is David Thorne?

Thorne is the Australian satirist responsible for the “Kate’s Birthday Party” prank on Facebook a few months ago, exposing FB for some holes in its privacy settings. His blog is a riot — and reminds us all not to be morons in print.

Cats Eyes

Missing Missy – Was She Ever Found?

I don’t know if Missy was ever found. If you have any news about Missing Missy, then please leave a comment below.

Let me just end this post by saying that I love cats. I have two cats. I was raised by a cat-hating mother who convinced me that I, too, hated cats. Thankfully, I grew into a woman who can form her own opinions and I am subsequently shamelessly training to become a crazy old cat lady should circumstances allow.

Now excuse me while I bolt my screen door.