Is this the worst Star Trek fight scene… ever?

Holy Kirk! Is anyone else amazed that William Shatner turned 80 years-old today? For the younger generation, who only know him as the guy, Shatner was the original Captain Kirk in the 1960s NBC TV series, Star Trek.

To see some classic 60’s Shat, just go on YouTube and search for “captain kirk.” You’ll find some gems like the one above of Shatner fighting some guy in a plastic suit. It’s ridiculous. Seriously, this clip might just be the worst fight scene ever captured on film. They karate chop in slow motion and then throw rocks at each other.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Captain Kirk! If you want to copy this clip off YouTube, then check out this tutorial: How to Copy Files Off YouTube and Convert them for your Video iPod, Apple TV, iTunes or iPhone
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