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Successful Connected TV Monetization Strategies For Local Broadcasters

Most broadcasters experience monetization challenges when they first launch their Connected TV and mobile apps. Under a CPM model, it's hard to both effectively monetize...
Generation Voice: Kids Study With Alexa

Generation Voice: 1 Out 4 Homes Now Has A Voice Assistant

1 out of every 4 homes in America and 1 out of 6 in the UK has a smart speaker with a voice assistant. Welcome to Generation Voice.
iPhone Survives 13,200 Foot Skydiving Mishap

iPhone Survives 13,200 Foot Skydiving Mishap

Patrick Wiggins is an experienced skydiver and has seen it all. But on his last jump at Skydive Utah, his iPhone flew out of his pocket... and survived.
Guy Hacks Alexa Into a Billy Bass Talking Fish

Big Mouth Billy Bass Talking Fish Alexa Hack

What if your Billy Bass Talking Fish was a smart speaker too? Check out this guy's Billy Bass Talking Fish Alexa Hack. Very clever!

KSL-TV and Real Salt Lake Announce Groundbreaking ‘RSL on KSL’ OTT Deal

KSL-TV and Major League Soccer Team Real Salt Lake announce groundbreaking "RSL on KSL" partnership to bring live games to KSL's OTT and mobile apps.
Happy Woman at Downtown Las Vegas Casinos

7 Reasons Why Nothing Leaves Las Vegas – Infographic

Sin City makes a lot of money every year from people on Las Vegas vacations. Vacationing in Las Vegas is bad for your wallet but great from the local economy.

FroliCat BOLT Laser Cat Toy

Feel guilty when you have to leave you cat at home by themselves all day? Not with the FroliCat BOLT Laser Pet Toy. Seriously, this is one of the best cat toys ever.

10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your CES Experience

I've been to CES more than 15 times and have learned every lesson the hard way. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your CES experience.

How To Turn Your Old Kitchen Sink into a DIY Slide Guitar

Are you or one of your neighbors in the middle of a kitchen remodel? Save the kitchen sink and turn it into a DIY slide guitar like YouTube user peteqwerty51. Not only is it a cool looking guitar straight out of Jim Henson's holiday classic "Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas," but it's an excellent example of how people are being green and reusing materials.

Are You Obsessed with Facebook? [infographic]

Are you obsessed with Facebook? Do you check your Facebook Feed before you get out of bed? Do you get your news from Facebook? In fact, the entire planet is. A whopping 200M or 71.2% of Americans are on Facebook... and that's nothing. 70% of Facebook's user base is outside the US. But these are just a few facts from the infographic...
Frank Radice

Happy 15th Anniversary MethodShop – You Bastards!

Really MethodShop? 15 years? Are you going out of your way to make me feel old? First of all, websites aren't supposed to have birthdays. Second of all, who even had their act together way back in 1996 and was out registering domain names?
Sunset Thomas

Exclusive Interview with Sunset Thomas at CES

On the last Day of CES 2011 and the Adult Video News Convention (AVN), I was very fortunate enough to have an opportunity to interview Adult and Internet reality star, Sunset Thomas.

Innovation Power: 3 of America’s Most Powerful CEO’s Deliver a Master Class at CES...

Yesterday morning's keynote, "Innovation Power" with Jeff Immelt of GE, John Chambers of Cisco, and Ursula Burns of Xerox, with moderator, Gary Shapiro of the CEA, was by far one of the most powerful CES sessions I have ever seen.

iPhone Users Overload and Crash AT&T’s Network at CES

AT&T's entire 3G network went down this afternoon at CES. Guess there are a lot of iPhone users in town. Not a good thing in any case, but even worse for this convention. I hope to get some photos out sometime later today, but it's spotty AT&T service here at the LVCC at best.

Is the Web Browser Dead?

The recent announcement by Apple that the the new OS X Lion operating system would put all your Apps on the desktop got me to thinking... does this finally signal the death of the Internet as we know it?
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